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Anti-Doping Regulations are the foundation of the Anti-Doping Program.
Athletes, Athlete Support Personnel and other Persons are obliged to know and comply with the Anti-Doping Regulations.
KADA conducts anti-doping activities based on the World Anti-Doping Rules and collects personal information of athletes
and samples (urine and blood) in order to satisfy the essential requirements of the World Anti-Doping Regulations.
The World Anti-Doping Program consists of one code and five International Standards.

Prohibited List PDF Download
Therapeutic Use Exemptions PDF Download
Testing & Investigations PDF Download
Protection of Privacy & Personal Information PDF Download
International Standard for Laboratories PDF The main purpose of the International Standard for Laboratories (ISL) is to ensure that Laboratories and WADA-Approved Laboratories for the ABP report valid test results based on reliable evidentiary data, and to facilitate harmonization in Analytical Testing of Samples by Laboratories and in the analysis of ABP blood Samples by Laboratories and WADA-Approved Laboratories for the ABP. Download

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