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Korea Anti-Doping Committee

Role of the Committee

  • Appointment and dismissal of committee members
  • Matters concerning dissolution of a corporation;
  • Matters concerning changes in the articles of association
  • Matters concerning the borrowing of funds and the incorporation, modification, and disposal of basic assets
  • Matters concerning business plan and budget
  • Matters concerning related to business performance and settlement
  • Matters concerning the establishment and revision of important regulations;
  • Matters requiring the resolution of the Committee by relevant laws and articles

Committee members

Committee members
구분 Name 주요 경력
Chairman Younghee Lee
  • (Present) Member of the World Anti-Doping Agency's TUE committee;.
  • (Current) Member of Korea Sports Council Medical Committee
  • (Current) A professor of rehabilitation medicine at Yonsei University's medical school at Yonsei University.
  • Chief Medical Officer of the PyeongChang Organizing Committee
  • Chief Director of the Yonsei University Wonju Severance Hospital
Vice-chairman Yongsik Lee
  • (Current) Assistant Professor, School of Sports and Leisure, Catholic kwandong University
  • (Current) Vice-Chairman of the Korea Sports Policy Association
  • Head researcher of the Korea Sports Science Institute under the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation
Secretary general Jaesoo Jin
  • (Current) Secretary-General of the Korea Anti-Doping Agency
  • Secretary-General of the Korean University Sports Council
  • Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism
Committee member Maei Kim
  • (Current) Member of the International Committee of the Korea Paralympic Committee
  • (Current) Professor of Physical Education at Korea University
  • Member of the IPC Education Committee
Committee member Oza Wang
  • (Current) Secretary-General of the Korea Professional Sports Association
  • CEO, Sports Intelligence
  • Adjunct Professor, Sogang University
  • Senior Researcher, Sports Science Institute, Seoul National University
Committee member Sandy (Jeong Yeon) Rhie
  • Assosicate Professor of Ewha Womans University, College of Phamacy
  • Member of KADA Investigation Committee
  • Head of Phamacy Service for 2018 PyeongChang Olympic and Paralympic Games
Committee member Youngji Jeon
  • (Current) Director of Sports Chosun Newspaper
  • Received the Reporter of the Year award from the Korea Paralympic Committee
  • Gender Equality Media Award from the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family
Committee member Jungho Hong
  • (Current) A member of the athletes' committee of the World Anti-Doping Agency.
  • A member of the Korean Handball Association's supervisory board
  • Gold medalist in women's handball at the Barcelona Olympics
Committee member Yongchul Park
  • (Current) Sports Cooperation Officer at the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
Committee member Seungho Kim
  • (Current) Secretary-General of Korean Sport & Olympic Committee
Committee member Hyeja Jeon
  • (Current) Secretary-General of the Korea Paralympic Committee
Auditor Yonghee Lee
  • (Current) Samil Accounting Company Partners
  • Instructor of National Tax Service and Samil Academy

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